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Eco 47kW

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  • Rated thermal power: 47 kW
  • Fuel type: solid fuel (briquettes)
  • Size (WxDxH): 1470x580x660 mm
  • Water capacity: 88 L
  • Maximum working temperature: 90° C
  • Efficiency: >80%
  • Firebox size(WxDxH): 500x480x520 mm
  • Connection chimney: 150 mm
  • Draught regulator & thermomanometer: Yes
  • Heat-resistant paint: 600° C
  • Weight: 330 kg
  • Warrantly: 24 months
  • Firebox made of special steel for boiler: 5 mm

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5641.00 lei

Even if childhood stories told by grandparents "at the mouth of the thermoseminar" don't sound as poetic, it gives the same fairytale effect in your home. On cold winter evenings, a fireplace surround provides warmth to the home, while creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in the room in which it is placed.

The various models of radiant heaters heat the room in which they are installed by radiation, while heating in the other rooms is provided by the radiator circuit to which they are connected. You can therefore use the fireplace as a central heating system to heat your entire home.

Modern design and manufacturing technology, as well as the use of quality materials, ensure efficient and safe operation provided the installation and operating instructions are followed.

your 360 images