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Economic 7kW

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  • Rated thermal power: 7 kW
  • Avarage fuel consumption per hour: 2.6 kg/h
  • Reload interval: 1,03 hrs
  • Efficiency: 76,10%
  • Connection chimney: 120 mm
  • Minimum chimney section: 205 cm2
  • Minimum chimney height: 6 m
  • Firebox capacity: 32 L
  • Firebox size(WxDxH): 340x330x280 mm
  • Size quoatas(WxDxH): 410x405x855 mm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Qty./pallet: 6 pcs

Economic Seminary is recommended for use in supplementary home heating or heating holiday homes.

Large doors with heat-resistant glass, they make it possible to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with a view of the flames, in complete safety. Matt black paintThe heat-resistant, heat-resistant fabric offers a touch of elegance.

The fireplace is made of thick steel plate 2.5 mm, with an inner jacket (combustion chamber) and an outer jacket, between which the heated air moves upwards. The firebox is lined with refractory vermiculite plates, and at the bottom is a cast-iron grate that can be easily removed. Under the firebox is placed a lada cenusar that can be removed.

The Economic Fireplace operates on the basis of wooden logs. The nominal power of the fireplace is 7 kW.

The dimensions of the fireplace are 420 x 365 x 855 mm and has a weight of 43 kg. The exhaust gas vent is located at the top and has a diameter of 120 mm.

The fireplace is placed only on a non-combustible floor, ensuring a non-combustible surface around the body as follows: 0.8 m at the front, 0.5 m at the sides, 0.5 m at the rear.

The appliance must be installed on a flue pipe that does not serve more than one appliance, otherwise you risk not having the necessary draught and, when opening the door, smoke entering the room where you use the fireplace.

During the first burns, smoke or unpleasant smell may be released due to the drying of the paint; these are not dangerous, it is only necessary to ventilate the room.